Friday, March 29, 2013

..rites of spring..

Spring is finally in the air. We have (hopefully) turned a corner weather-wise, and are enjoying some milder temperatures and a bit more sunshine. I love the promise of spring....the budding flowers and trees, the sweet songs of birds chirping...always a welcome change.

A few weeks back, I made some lemon curd. I love lemons. Their fresh, sour taste has always appealed to me. It was a desperate attempt at bringing some early sunshine into our home. However, my recipe made two jars of curd and after awhile I realized I needed to try to find something besides toast and scones to put my lemon curd on/in. Enter: the tart.

I was inspired by one of my favorite photos from my childhood (see above). Isn't it lovely? Yes, it is in a cookbook. McCall's Cookbook, circa 1963 to be exact. Most of our family recipes came from this cookbook, and I recall spending long periods of time just staring at this photo. It is of the lemon meringue pie....another of my favorites. I love the simplicity of the photo...a lemon, an egg, and a pie. Perhaps it remains one of my favorite pies because of this photo.

Anyway, I decided that perhaps making little lemon meringue tarts was in order. Admittedly, I had also thought of making meringue because of the 3 egg whites I had sitting in my fridge. I wasn't sure about making one whole pie, as I had a questionable amount of curd leftover....approximately a jar and a half.

Everything came together quite nicely, with the hardest part being the tart crust. I am still learning the fine art of pie/tart crust making (thankfully they are forgiving). I used up all of my curd, all of the meringue, and they turned out just right. Tart and sweet, like sunshine on a plate.

Mmmmmmm.....happy spring!

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