Wednesday, January 25, 2012

..I love to laugh..

Most of my days are spent with a child. Since my husband works out of town, I have had to find a way to cope with 3 young kids all on my own. I am a person who likes to be productive, but when I have to start and stop tasks throughout my day, I can tend to get frustrated and overwhelmed. So to keep the frustration at bay, I have tried to slow down a bit and just look at everything going on around me. And what I have found, is that my little family is pretty entertaining, without even trying.

This would be my youngest, decked out in her vest, older sister's skirt, and her fancy shoes. Why yes, all worn over her pajamas. I suppose I have only myself to blame for this keen fashion sense my girls have, because my middle one thinks that if it looks like the same color, it must go together.

Exhibit A: the "purple" outfit. Why do I blame myself? I think because I just don't care. It is interesting to see what outfits they will piece together, and it does afford me a good belly laugh......quite often.

But don't for one minute think that it's just my girls that provide the funny. I noticed this late last week. Can you tell what it is?

That would be my son's sock. He has not taken a shower in my bathroom for awhile (which is where the sock photo was taken), so I shudder to think how long that sock has been up there. When confronted with said sock, I got a reaction of utter astonishment, "MOM! I couldn't have possibly put that up there!" Oh, I can only imagine him in the bathroom, doing a crazy dance, kicking his legs and sock flying up in the air, only to land in a place where it would stay for a week or more. And to think, I trust this child to take a shower all on his own, so that I can give the sisters a bath.

In addition to the silly things I see paraded around the house, there are also those precious conversations. "Hey Friend! What are you doing??"  "I'm sooo sad."  "Baby, DON'T get out of your bed again!" The scenarios are hysterical....2 friends looking for a 3rd, Decorating our Boat, Mommy & Daddy with Baby, Robot friends, Battle with the Dragons, Fairies, Frosty the Snowman and his Babies, and the list goes on and on. The pretend play is like music to my ears....which there are plenty of impromptu songs and dances as well.

 And, to me, that is what's important. The funny. The silly. The crazy. The laughter.
I wouldn't trade it for a clean, pristine, quiet home........ever.

Friday, January 20, 2012

..the force..

It's that time of year in the Midwest, when the snow falls. It makes for tricky driving, but it is a welcome addition to the barrenness of the season. I don't mind it as much as some, and it can actually feel very peaceful. Or perhaps the peacefulness comes from the fact that I have 3 kids who love being out in said snow, sledding or building to their hearts content, only to come in later and fall to the floor in sheer and utter exhaustion. That is a tremendous amount of peacefulness for Mama. And any excuse for piping hot chocolate is welcome, as well.

Over Christmas, some friends of ours gifted us some marvelous snowflakes.

Aren't they awesome?

I took these pictures in the early morning, and it looks like Yoda is green, but really it's a white snowflake, I promise.

Such wonderful snowflakes, I think. I might have to laminate them or something, just so they last past this winter. Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

..Berry Fun..

I was a child of the 80's. As such, I cared for a Cabbage Patch doll (whose name I cannot remember and whose birth certificate is MIA), rode a ten-speed bike (arguably not the best), pretended to be a Smurf outside in every season of the year, and spent hours on end in front of my dollhouse with my beloved Strawberry Shortcake dolls. In the last few years, I have found and dusted off my dolls, who were carefully stored, wrapped in tissue paper, and staggered just so, in order that the scents would be preserved and not mix. There is still the slightest hint of a scent...

I treasured these dolls, and somehow feel guilty throwing them in a bin and keeping them stored that way. It just doesn't feel right. So lately, I've been crafting a way to give them their own little "beds." My husband thinks I'm crazy, and perhaps I am. I should also explain, however, that in retrieving these dolls, I also "retrieved" a ton of fabrics and notions, and am trying to find ways to utilize this treasure. So instead of crazy, I consider myself resourceful.

Sadly, similar to my memory lapse with poor Cabbage-Patch-with-no-name, I could not remember some of the names of these adorable dolls and their animal pals. Good thing I was able to find the exhaustive list of dolls here.

So one of the many blogs I peruse, Pink Penguin, recently had a tutorial on how to make these. I made one, just to check out the measurements, and how they would work with the dolls and pets. I had fun choosing the fabric from the treasure trove I have, and I especially liked how the little yellow tulips on Mint Tulip's dress matched *perfectly* with her fabric.

The only thing I might change is the measurements of the beds. They seem a little big. And I am toying with the idea of embroidering their names on the side, just to ensure remembrance, and to add some color to a very plain outer fabric.

This would be Lime Chiffon with Parfait Parrot.

I suspect with the number of dolls I have, coupled with my Escargot-esque sewing skills, that I will have this all done by, perhaps Christmas 2013. But that's ok. I'm in no rush. I will have to endure the humfphs and geeshes from the hubby until then.

Until next time,

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Emily. I'm a former accountant, turned teacher, turned stay-at-home mom of three. There have been plenty of other work experiences in there as well, but rehashing my sordid past is not something I will undertake here. For now, my focus is the present....most of the time.

Or in the case of this last month or so, presents.
I am sharing this space with you, so that you may take a peek into my life, thoughts, projects, and ideas. I have many interests, that seem ever-changing.  You might say I like to chase rainbows. The constant in my life, at this point, is caring for the well-being of my family. They are my pride and joy, and sometimes the source of my most intense frustration. I share this space as a way to commiserate with others like myself, and to keep close to those who are physically far away from us.

It's 2012. Time to put my hat in the proverbial ring. 
Thank you for joining me, and I hope you stop by again soon!