Sunday, January 1, 2012


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Emily. I'm a former accountant, turned teacher, turned stay-at-home mom of three. There have been plenty of other work experiences in there as well, but rehashing my sordid past is not something I will undertake here. For now, my focus is the present....most of the time.

Or in the case of this last month or so, presents.
I am sharing this space with you, so that you may take a peek into my life, thoughts, projects, and ideas. I have many interests, that seem ever-changing.  You might say I like to chase rainbows. The constant in my life, at this point, is caring for the well-being of my family. They are my pride and joy, and sometimes the source of my most intense frustration. I share this space as a way to commiserate with others like myself, and to keep close to those who are physically far away from us.

It's 2012. Time to put my hat in the proverbial ring. 
Thank you for joining me, and I hope you stop by again soon!


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