Tuesday, May 8, 2012

..gridiron fun..

My son has developed a love for football. It began months ago, during the last football season. He took an interest in the games that were being played (my husband belongs to a few fantasy football leagues), and began a search for a football to throw around. My proud husband found and dusted off his childhood football, which proved to be a little too big for my 7 year old's hands. The aunties were more than happy to gift many a football to the pigskin-cravin' boy. Oh yes, that green one is glow-in-the-dark, dontcha know.

And once the footballs were procured, the practicing began. This boy has had a football within a foot of him for the last 6 months. He throws it, he catches it, he sleeps with it. He has recorded on our DVR about 30 minutes of the Super Bowl, which in the few times he has watched it, he now has memorized the plays that are recorded within. (?!)

My husband makes it a priority to have lunch with my son every Tuesday at school. During recess, weather permitting, they play football. When the weather is uncooperative, they sit in the classroom and create plays. And some of these plays are the most bizarre, creative masterpieces you could ever lay eyes on. It should go without saying that my husband is the most popular kid in the 2nd grade.

(Not even the snow of winter slowed down the football-playing!)
With summer inching closer, we have made the decision to sign him up for Flag Football. He is over the moon about getting to play a proper game on a proper team. He has even taken to doing sit-ups and push-ups to condition himself for the start of the 'season.'

With all the football fun had around here on a daily basis, there have been some interesting 'situations.'

This has proven to be the most interesting of dilemmas. I chose to let the young ones figure it out, until Miss E decided to pull out the barstool that twists to reach the football. To prevent any broken bones and sprained joints, of which they could be genetically pre-dispositioned to, I quickly handed my son the broom. This effectively removed the football from it's perch.

And back to the passing, punting, and playing we go!

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