Thursday, May 3, 2012

..the harvest begins..

Garden in early April and early May
So I had every intention of giving garden updates as I watched my little seeds grow and flourish. But I am still trying to be mindful of taking pictures, and everytime the urge strikes, it is rainy or overcast. But as of this week, we are now harvesting. The French Breakfast radishes are ready.

Radish-y goodness.
Now I am only a novice gardener. I am slowly learning terms and practices, as I hurriedly refer to gardening books borrowed from the library. I allow myself some room for error, and sometimes making the mistakes and learning from them first-hand is the best way for me to go about learning. Thankfully, seeds are cheap.

So reflecting on this garden, I would perhaps thin these radishes instead of just dumping the seeds into the earth and letting them go. It might make for more uniformly sized radishes. And let's be remembering to water them was a huge accomplishment. I always try to find something positive.

 My peas.

The peas are making their way up my makeshift poles. The River Birch out front is kind enough to provide more than enough branches..much to my husband's dismay. But I am happy to utilize all that I can laying around the house and yard.

I wish I could say the strawberries are doing better. Somehow it looks as if a few of the plants have withered away and died. I'm not quite sure why. It may be that they are too low in the boxes, or that they have just gotten too much/too little sun or water. The strawberry pot seems to be fine, and with the plants that are thriving, I have pinched off a few flowers. So I remain hopeful.

Strawberries in April
And I am so optimistic about this gardening thing, that I ventured out and added some new characters to my cast of green goodness. But in the interest of not rambling on for too much longer, I shall share those another day.

If you have any gardening tips or suggestions, feel free to share!

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