Sunday, September 9, 2012

..tell me a story..

I love reading. I don't do as much of it anymore as I try to manage this chaotic household of mine. Or perhaps, more accurately, I am reading, it's just that the books are more utilitarian, or well beneath my reading level. I don't mind this at all, however, as I know someday this whirlwind of raising children will quickly die down.

My very favorite books are those created by these children of mine that are responsible for littering my bathtub with cups and teapots, and leaving their books and crayons underfoot. I came across this one just yesterday. It was written last year by Evy, when she was in kindergarten. I tucked it away in a special place, and just happened upon it. (special place, indeed)

I adore the simplicity of the story, and the sweet accompanying illustrations. She is meticulous, the child that pays attention to every small detail. And this story is a perfect example of that. That, and I treasure the invented spellings... I cannot lie.

The world, as viewed by a 5 year old.
The End.

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