Tuesday, December 4, 2012

..happy belated birthdays..

Is it really less than a month until Christmas? Yikes.

Well, let's take a step backwards and talk about a couple of birthdays that happened around here, albeit a few months back *sigh*.

Miss Evy is 6. She celebrates her birthday at the very start of the school year, and every year the teacher is surprised to find out she is only turning the age most kids turned last year. Thankfully, my Evy is patient, since the chaos of the new school year took precedence over any party with friends. Before you think me a complete ogre, we did have a small, family celebration and there were treats brought to school. In devising a gift for this birthday of hers, I turned to something from my own childhood.

This dollhouse was salvaged from my mother's attic, a few years back when we had the daunting task of emptying and selling her home. It was a gift given to me when I was 5, and I thought refurbishing it and adding some modern day furniture might be the perfect gift. This dollhouse is well-worn. When I found it, it still had lists posted on the wall. Apparently, even as a child I was a list-maker.

My plan was to clean it up, and give it a new paint job. It's a sturdy wooden dollhouse. All it really needed was some washing and some new colors. And that's exactly what I did.

 A couple months later, we celebrated her birthday with her friends, at a local art studio. Merriment was made, and celebrating was fierce. Lots of fun pictures were drawn, constructed, and glued together. All in all, it didn't make a difference when the birthday was celebrated. And as an added bonus, my youngest assumed that her birthday was being celebrated as well.

 Miss Margot turned 4 a few weeks after Miss Evy's party. As she is still young, we kept the celebrating to the family. She really didn't care....as long as we had cake!

Happy birthday, my sweet angels...

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