Thursday, February 6, 2014

..heart of the home..

Welcome to our home. I thought I would show you around a bit. Give glimpses of this space that we have worked so hard to create specifically to suit our family.

It was almost a year ago, when we purchased this land and began the arduous process of designing this home. Trying to sort our needs from our wants, and trying to keep in mind how our family will age and change.

This home is far from complete. Right now, our main living area is finished. Our bedrooms are (mostly) complete, and we have a full bathroom and a couple of half bathrooms that are more than enough for us right now.

The parts that remain unfinished, we'll slowly tackle one by one. The master bathroom, the yard, the deck, the basement.... yes, in due time, all of these parts will be worked on. Some sooner than others, but all with as much thought and care that has been given to the rest.

The heart of our home is the kitchen and family room space. Open floor plans work well for us, as we like having a common area. Everyone can be doing something different and we are all still in close proximity to each other, whether it's playing a game, reading, knitting, cooking a meal, playing music, or watching TV. This communal space is comfortable, and the views are quite peaceful.

We opted for a kitchen island that has bench seating. This eliminates the don't-lean-back-in-your-chair reminders that became so frustrating. Instead, we deal with the sit-upright-and-eat reminders, which are marginally better. That, and the crumbs that invariably fall between the cracks in the bench. (Did I mention there's storage space in those benches?)

The ongoing theme as we constructed this home was to utilize every space we could. We didn't want wide open spaces that served no purpose. Even the wide open spaces we have in the basement are filled with basketball games, skateboarding, and tennis practice. I'm certain I will regret the decision to allow this as things are slowly broken down there....

But this main living area? Yes, it is nice. It's funny to think that this home was all a twinkle in our eyes one year ago. As we stood in our wide open field talking to the excavator, I remember he lifted his measuring stick and told us where the floors would be in our home. I sat there in awe, not knowing what to think. And now here I sit (on a chair) on that floor, grateful for all that we have accomplished in a year's time. And eternally grateful for the new life we have here in this little town.

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